There is everything on Amazon, even books written by algorithms. But the machine is far from being able to imitate the pen of great writers. Some books have psychedelic covers, incomprehensive titles.

There is one requirement to see your book in the selection of the online bookstore you have to be a robot. All the books for sale on this store are the work of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is an algorithm that can learn by analyzing a large amount of information. Here, the data set used was that of Project Gutenberg, which lists more than 50,000 digital works, most of which have entered into the public domain. From the things the Artificial Intelligence learned, a book is generated.

Amazon also provided some, says the site. By studying the texts, the algorithm understood how to create sentence structures by using words and expressions found elsewhere.

An artificial intelligence writes books on

Three books available on the online library

Incomprehensible novels.

Without buying the books, it is difficult to know if the texts generated by the algorithm are understandable. But their summaries still give you an idea. And the quality of writing is not really there.

“And for the man, she would have it all; this funny was welcomed with a problem when she learned to retrace him after another.” (summary of the book The Table in 10, written by a certain Stope Frese)

The project goes further: even the criticisms are the result of the work of artificial intelligence. But here again, the machine did not succeed in giving meaning to the sentences:

“Great story, the end was a different mystery (with sometimes in a moment. And then put in the fairies, and the emotions. This journey meets the sword. But in the next few exams. It’s a subject I would recommend!” (review of Hudy Mahone’s book Bitches of the Points)

Even more surprising, all the books are sold for around $15 on Amazon in the paper version. Prices that are also defined by an algorithm based on the rates offered on the platform.

However, Amazon does not take care to indicate the nature of the authors of these works. Thus, the description sheet of Bitches of the Points only offers general information, linked to the number of pages (191) or the publisher. To date, however, the book is far from being a success: it ranks 1,085,840th among the best sellers.