Before I begin, I will write a preamble as a precaution against those who would like to set up a wall against my statement, too happy to disqualify myself and this young Juan Branco’s book without even having read it.

This brilliant lawyer was that of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Julian Assange, and he is from the seraglio. Not born yesterday, I know that this man is destined for a great future if France Insoumise were to lead the country’s affairs (he went through the ENS, then SciencePo before becoming a lawyer and journalist for the Diplomatic World, among others) and perhaps even if other parties came to power. I also know that he is settling scores, and for a good reason, it is a pamphlet.

I have always cultivated a mistrust towards organizations, parties, clans, tribes, castes, I consider myself as an insubordinate to the militants of France Insoumise. However, I share many observations and sometimes support their positions, but I am clearly at a reasonable distance from this movement, as from any other. My facts from letters testify to this.

Having made this preamble, I will talk about Crépuscule – by Juan Branco. In addition to a few typos, syntax errors here and there, the text is brilliant and dismantles Macron piece by piece with facts, just facts, language precautions also to defer any defamation attack. No one understood where Macron came from, even though everyone feels that he is the president of the rich, that he worked in a bank, etc. But it’s unclear; it’s insufficient, it doesn’t enlighten. It leaves room for questioning. Here Branco develops and reconstructs a giant puzzle, compromises, business links and private links between oligarchs, politicians, and henchmen. It talks about Niel, Arnault, Benalla, Edouard Philippe. Brigitte Macron who is not only an exclusive representative of LVMH but also a much more influential and powerful matchmaker than the media would have us believe.

Branco reveals in detail why the media do not put any means to expose this whole system, he demonstrates the struggles of interest and features step by step who owns what, what role each one plays and how all this oligarchy could bring to power a false ideal son-in-law, in reality, an absolute servant of all their interests.

I recommend it. This encirclement of the oligarchs, this hold-up on our institutions as well as on our public money can only lead to one outcome: insurrection, democratic, or/and violent. The yellow vests are the first steps because when you have finished reading this documented pamphlet, you will have only two options: either submit to our masters or oppose them with all the strength, rage and enthusiasm of those who still believe that we can survive the great collapse only by bringing ultraliberalism to the ground. It is my conviction, and I think it is shared by millions of other citizens who are already suffering the consequences.