Welcome to the FDL Book Salon CONTRIBUTE page. This is your chance to share your ideas and reviews of books that you have read and enjoyed, or not.

What Does It Mean to Contribute?

To contribute means that you write for us. You can share with us your review of a book you recently read within the garden, home, and technology niches. It can even be a good blog you stumbled upon. You write a piece of approximately 250 words and send it to us. If the piece is good, we feature it on our blog.

Who Can Contribute?

If you have a passion for reading and have read relevant books, you are welcome to write to us. As long as your writing is good and you clear, there is no reason why you cannot contribute.

What Can You Write About?

This is a book review site, so mostly you can write reviews. However, if you had a good or bad experience with a book, you can tell us about it in a story format. As long as what you’re writing relates to a book and whether it is a good or bad buy, you’re good.

Send your contributions to [email protected]. You can also contact us if you have any questions.