Vicious circle by wilbur smithVicious circle is an action thriller written by standards that are not commonly found in this day. It involves a man, Hector Cross, who is married to Hazel Bannock, the heir of oil business. Hector leaves his life that is full of risks and settles down with his beloved. After sometime dark forces come calling and they kill his wife Hazel who has just delivered a girl. The story revolves around the discovery of his old enemies and those for Hazel. Hector, determined to protect his little girl joins forces with his friends to hunt down the people who seek his and his daughter’s lives.


The setting of the book is around Africa, The Middle East, and England. What is most astonishing is the way Wilbur Smith creates such a vivid picture of certain scenes.

One that caught my attention and made me feel like I was In a movie theater was where Hector narrates how he killed a lion in Masai Mara National park in Kenya. This one example just shows how the book describes and passes its message to the reader efficiently.

Simple and understandable language is among the reasons why most of us sit down and travel through Hector’s story with ease.


quaote famousThe book has received accolades around the world with many readers indicating the never-ending thrill of this best seller book. With some stating that they were literally on the edge of their sits with hearts beating with anticipation.

Well, critics had their say on the book with some expressing disgust in the brutality and the sex scenes involved. Most people said that Wilbur Smith had written great previous books, but this one was among his worst.


All in all, no matter what people say about a book it’s always best if you try it yourself. If you are the type that gets carried away with suspense, anticipation and action scenes, then the book comes in highly recommended for you.