This book explains how faith, politics, and fear contribute to the homophobic mindset within the Black Church and the African American community.

Despite recent gains by the LGBT community, including affirmation of same-sex marriage by the President of the United States, homophobic attitudes in America continue to thrive, especially within the sanction of the Black Church. Faith-based initiatives have forced black Christian LGBTQ individuals to deny their sexuality, causing further breakdown of the black family structure and exacerbating AIDs and HIV in the black community. What are the reasons for rampant homophobia in the Black Church and its related communities?

Homophobia in the Black Church: How Faith, Politics, and Fear Divide the Black Community explores the various reasons for the Black Church’s aversion—and the general black cultural inflexibility—toward homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and acceptance of the LGBT community. It connects black cultural resistance toward homosexuality to politics, faith, and fear; follows the trail of faith-based funding to the pulpit of black mega-churches; and spotlights how members of the black clergy have sacrificed black LGBTQ Christians for personal and political advancement.

The author systematically builds his case, linking the reasons blacks are intolerant of deviation from acceptable sexual behavior to the 1960s struggle for racial equality, and tying longstanding black sexual mores to present day politics, social conservatism, and the lure of federal funding to black churches and religious and social organizations. He also spotlights specific homophobic black ministers and draws back the curtain on their alliance with White social conservatives and religious and political extremists to reveal an improbable but powerful union. (Greenwood Publishing Group)

Anthony Stanford is a freelance writer and journalist in the Chicago, IL, area. His published works include cutting-edge perspectives on politics, race, and religion in the Chicago Tribune, such as “Race as a Burning Issue” and “On a Day of Rebirth, Grieving a Loss of Faith.”

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