From your thoughts to my desk….

Let’s talk about Book Salons. What do you like, what books would you like to see, what are your favorite books, authors, hosts? Suggestions?

It has been five and a half years and over 570 Book Salons since I started in July 2007.  We have had some great authors and newsmakers on the salon, and we’ve occasionally made the news on the salon.

We’ve also had some great Hosts on the salon, who have added to the discussions and become part of our FDL community.

I mostly want to thank you, our readers, for the Book Salons! There would not be any salons without you.  You are the secret ingredient that makes the FDL Book Salons special, and a “must” for most authors.  I receive many thanks from our Authors and Hosts every week, they enjoy the discussions with YOU, and they comment about the quality of the questions and comments during their salon. They enjoy the time spent with you, and many are eager to return to talk to you again.

I look forward to chatting with you – bev

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